SIM Ownership Transfer Program Started by Grameenphone

GrameenPhone SIM Ownership Transfer

Transfer of SIM Ownership

GrameenPhone Online Shop, for the first time in telecom history in Bangladesh, introducing online ordering option for transfer of SIM ownership as a service. Based on your online request, Our dedicated delivery team will reach you (if you are within Dhaka Metropolitan City) at your door-step to make the transfer of SIM ownership faster, easier and convenient like never before.

GrameenPhone SIM Ownership Transfer

Please follow below link and make your order. To complete your online order for Transfer of SIM Ownership you have to provide 3 information and need to fill up form like below:

Link: SIM Ownership Transfer

  1. Number you want to transfer
  2. Current SIM Owner’s NID or Smart Card Number
  3. New SIM Owner’s Mobile Number
Transfer of SIM Ownership - GrameenPhone
Transfer of SIM Ownership – GrameenPhone

Terms & Condition of this Program

  1. The donor (previous owner of SIM card) and the receiver (new owner) both have to be present together during transferring ownership.
  2. The donor needs to submit 1 copy of passport size photo and the receiver must submit 2 copies of passport size photo and a photocopy of national ID card (NID)
  3. The fingerprints of both the SIM donor and the receiver must match with election commission data base. Otherwise, the SIM transfer would be unsuccessful.


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