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Multimedia Messaging Service (GrameenPhone MMS) is an exciting way to share special moments with your dear ones. You can customize your messages with texts, pictures, animations, music, video clips (Up to 100 KB).You can even send pictures and video clips to e-mail addresses.


GrameenPhone MMS Settings for Andriod


  1. Go to Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> Moblie Networks >> Access Point Names
  2. Press the Menu button
  3. Tap on New APN
  4. Under Name, type: MMS, tap Ok.
  5. Under APN, type: gpmms. Note: gpmms is case-sensitive.
  6. MMSC:
  7. MMS Proxy:
  8. MMS Port: 8080
  9. APN Type: mms     <- this part is the most important, you won’t be able to use MMS if you don’t choose “mms” as the type. Case-sensitive.
  10. Press Menu
  11. Tap SAVE
  12. Done. You may need to reboot once after the settings.

GrameenPhone MMS Settings for iPhone

  1. Go to Settings >> General >> Network
  2. From Network, options go to Cellular Data Network
  3. APN: gpmms
  4. MMSC:
  5. MMS Proxy:
  6. That’s it! Leave everything else as it is.
  7. Restart iPhone!
  8. From Home go to Messages

GrameenPhone MMS Settings Over SMS:

To obtain MMS settings, please send SMS to 8080 writing MMS. Save the received configuration with PIN 1234, if required. No charge is applicable for sending SMS to 8080.

The process of sending MMS:

  • Select a file less than 100kb from your handset.
  • Select picture message from the send option.
  • Enter recipient’s mobile number and send.
  • To send any multimedia message you need to have MMS configured in your handset.


  • Local/GP-GP MMS: BDT 3.00/ MMS
  • GP-Robi and GP- Airtel MMS: BDT 3.00/ MMS

5% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable to all charges + 1% surcharge on base tariff

Notes/Additional info:

The process of sending International MMS:

  • Both Prepaid & Postpaid EDGE users with MMS subscription can send and receive International MMS. Sending International MMS is as easy as sending MMS to any GP user. Instead of using GP numbers you need to use the international number with country code, area code (if any) for example: to send an MMS to a subscriber of SingTel (Singapore) you have to type: + 65 x xxxx xxxx.
  • International MMS: BDT 15.00/ MMS

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