All About Banglalink 4G SIM – Banglalink 4G Ready – 2018

Banglalink 4G 2018

About Banglalink 4G SIM

Are you ready to step into tomorrow with Banglalink 4G! Bangladesh will soon experience the whole new era of internet experience – 4G

So get ready to experience the best internet experience by converting your sim into 4G ready connections. With 4G you can get superior data network and high-speed internet. Access to digital arena and digital life would be way easier. Business and the home transaction can be done digitally and life would be easier. If you need to know more about Banglalink’s 4G or need more information, you can visit any of our customer care centers or refer to the below FAQ-

Banglalink 4G 2018
Banglalink 4G 2018
  1. What is 4G LTE?
    Answer: 4G LTE is a super fast and high capacity mobile data technology that gives the best and fastest internet experience.

  2. How is 4G LTE different from 2G & 3G?
    Answer: The main difference is in the internet speed. With 4G internet speed is much faster and browsing, downloading, video streaming, etc. experience will be significantly better than 2G & 3G

  3. What are advantages of 4G?
    Answer: 4G LTE’s speed is noticeably faster than 3G & 2G. 4G LTE offers an internet with marvelous speed that helps to enjoy streaming of live video and listening to a song with no stop and better response times for multiplayer online games. Live video chats are the norm with 4G LTE.

  4. How to get the benefits of 4G service?
    Answer: You need to have 4G enabled devices along with 4G SIM (also known as USIM) and to be under 4G network coverage to get the benefits from 4G LTE services.

Banglalink 4G SIM
Banglalink 4G SIM
  1. How can I know whether my device; e.g. handset / USB modem/ Flybox / Mi-fi is 4G enabled or not?
Handset 4G ready or not?
Handset 4G ready or not?

you have to follow the following process to know whether your device is 4G enabled or not

  1. How do I identify a 4G enabled device; e.g. handset / USB modem/ Flybox / Mi-fi?
    Answer: This method is very simple to perform; we will find out from our setting menu.



  1. First of all, go to “Setting” > Mobile Network or Preferred Network Type.

  2. There you will see 4G, 3G, and 2G as network options. If you find 4g/LTE then your phone supports

4G network.

  1. How can I know whether my SIM is 4G enabled or not?
    Answer: To know SIM 4G compatibility, a customer needs to send SMS typing “4G” to 5000 number (free of cost).

  2. If my SIM is not 4G enabled where can I get my 4G enabled SIM?
    Answer: if your SIM is not 4G enabled, you can replace it with a 4G enabled SIM from any Banglalink Service Point and retail points.

Banglalink 4G SIM replacement
Banglalink 4G SIM replacement


  1. How much does it cost to get my 4G enabled SIM?
    Answer: regular SIM replacement charges will be applied for replacing your current SIM with 4G ready SIM

  2. How do I know whether I am connected to the 4G network or not?
    Answer: 4G signal icon will appear on your 4G smartphone signal/ network bar

  3. Will my device; e.g. handset / USB modem/ Flybox / Mi-fi and SIM be automatically connected to 4G?
    Answer: you need to opt into 4G services, either by purchasing a 4G pack or by upgrading your existing 3G pack to 4G by dialing the designated short code. Once you do that, you will get connected to 4G and the first time onwards, you will get automatically connected to 4G until or unless you change your device settings

  4. What will happen if I am in a location with no 4G coverage but my device; e.g. handset / USB modem/ Flybox / Mi-fi and SIM are 4G enabled?
    Answer: in order to enjoy 4G service, you need to be under 4G coverage area with the 4G enabled device as well as SIM. In case, you are not under 4G coverage area, you can enjoy the regular internet speed

  5. Do I need to upgrade my current internet package to avail 4G service?
    Answer: you don’t need to purchase a separate pack for 4G, you can just upgrade your current (3G) internet pack, with a volume of above 100MB at that moment for using 4G service just by dialing a USSD code.

  6. How many Megabytes will be consumed from my Internet package on 4G?
    Answer: this will depend on what you browse on the internet. For streaming with higher speed, internet consumption will be comparatively faster than 3G

  7. Will I be able to disconnect my device from 4G network to go back to 2G/3G?
    Answer: yes, you can. You can choose your preferred network (2G/3G/4g) from the network settings option of your handset/ device

  8. When will launch Banglalink 4G SIM at my location?
    Answer: 4G has not been launched yet. As soon as 4G is launched Banglalink 4G will be available at your location.

  9. I do not have a 4G handset; can I use 4G SIM on my existing handsets?
    Answer: in order to enjoy 4G, you must have a 4G enabled handset. Otherwise, despite having a 4G ready SIM, you won’t be able to enjoy 4G experience

  10. Can I use my 3G internet package volume & bonus data in 4G speed?
    Answer: you can enjoy both the 3G package volume and bonus internet at 4G speed. You need to have at least 100MB volume at that time in your account and by dialing a designated short-code you can upgrade your 3G internet volume into 4G and enjoy the speed

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