Banglalink 4G Update – 2018

Banglalink 4G network 2018

Banglalink 4G network gears up

Banglalink, one of the leading digital communications service providers in Bangladesh is set to offer Banglalink 4G, the fourth generation internet for all through a most advanced and powerful network. To achieve this, the company is working relentlessly and upgrading its network to offer a data-heavy and seamless connectivity for its customers. Recently in a press conference VEON’s CEO Jean- Yves Charlier expressed his willingness to invest USD 1 billion over the next 3 years, out of which more than half of it is exclusively for Network upgrade. This ultimately leads to more innovative digital services, better customer experience, and a digital life in true sense.

Banglalink 4G network 2018
Banglalink 4G network 2018

Fast & affordable internet for all

Digital life is the next frontier. Individuals now have their entire world in the palm of their hands with a smartphone and reliable internet. Bangladesh now has one of the fastest internet growth rates in the world. The smartphone penetration is close to 30% and has been increasing at a commendable rate. Banglalink is progressing ahead with a vision of fast and affordable internet, the way it ensured an affordable mobile telephony a decade back, will open up opportunities, and accelerate the digital economy, digital health, digital education and much more to make Bangladesh an information, knowledge and digitalized service based middle-income country.

The company is all set to launch a 4G network that is the perfect complement to the Government’s digital vision. There had been successful testing of our network for 4G a year back by one of our partners, and innovative approaches to network modernization had also been taken and recently started converting SIM to 4G. Nevertheless, we continue to invest in efficient, high-speed data networks aiming to substantially improve 3G coverage as well. Currently, 90% sites have been brought under 3G coverage and within this year the rest will be upgraded as well.

Pierre Boutros Obeid, Chief Technology Officer, Banglalink said, “Banglalink has been in the forefront in terms of introducing the latest technologies when it comes to serving the needs of our customers. We believe that offering digital services is the path to the future and 4G technology is the key to enable us to offer these services. We are committed to offering the best in 4G to ensure digital inclusion of everyone and a digital life for all. We look forward to launching 4G as we continue to transform our networks to make it affordable for our customer and help to reduce the digital divide.”

Banglalink has been operating in Bangladesh for past twelve years with an iconic role of transforming lives through technology. It has been instrumental not only in advancing the telecom industry in Bangladesh but also to make the digital vision of Bangladesh government a reality.



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